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Welcome to Legacy Dance Project's website.  Here you can find info about the programs we offer at the dance studio, the dance classes we offer, and the ways we create a positive influence on this generations future dancers.  We are proud to be a part of the Downtown Goldsboro NC community.

Live, Love, Leave a Legacy - A Blog

As the owner of Legacy Dance Project, art in general has always been something I've loved!  I double majored in college in Dance Performance and English.  There will be typos and misspelled words.  But there will be a joy of dance, the adventures of owning a studio, and my journey trying to create a legacy full of life and love for my students.  We will share aspects of the dance studio, our dance classes, and the community events around Goldsboro NC.  Happy dancing everyone!

How to know if your dancer is ready for a competitive dance experience

megan hoyle


At Legacy Dance Project, we have three different programs... 

The Petite Program for 3 and 4 year olds to introduce newbies to the world of dance.  Our Sweet Petite Program consists of Tiny Tumble, Petite Ballet, and Petite Tap.  It's a fast growing program... so much so that we've created two Petite Ballet classes and all our Petite classes are quickly filling up. 

The second program is our Core Program.  This a structured program that is available to dancers with not as much previous dance training or would like to keep their dance experience on a more conservative side, taking 1-5 classes weekly.  Our core program is a wonderful foundation for any dancer between ages 5 and 18, wanting to gain more confidence and provides an avenue for dancers to explore their love of dance and performing. 

Our third program is our Concentrated Company Program.  This is a more intensive program that is designed for dancers ready to take their love for dance and transform that into a passion of the performing arts. Every Company Program is different at varying studios, so we encourage you to investigate what is required for the competitive company at each studio, to figure out which is best for you.  Our company classes are open to dancers 7 and up.  Really, once they can retain choreography and perform it without assistance, is when they are STARTING to be ready for company.  At Legacy, we require our company members to take technique classes during the summer to maintain their dance progress they have acquired during the regular season.  During the regular season, dancers are required to attend two technique classes during the week and attend choreography weekends, usually the 2nd weekend of each month to learn the choreography they will compete and perform.  They are also required to participate in other events like master classes with guest artists that are brought into the studio and will be required to be a part of Vet's Stories this year, a tribute to the veterans.  Ballet is not required, but HIGHLY encouraged of our dancers, as we have noticed those with ballet training progress to upper levels of companies quicker than those that do not enroll in ballet.  Also, ballet is the foundation of all dance, so if dancer's are serious about their dance education, than they should be enrolled in a ballet class.  We have 3 competitive teams this year... LDP Company (where dancers learn a lyrical/contemporary and jazz routine, with the possibly of a 3rd summer routine), LDP Tap (where dancers learn a tap routine), and the Goldsboro All-Star Dance Team (where they will learn hip hop, jazz, and pom routines to compete and perform around Goldsboro and Wayne County).  Each have their own set of placements/auditions attached to them. 

While many dancers have goals to be on a competitive team, it takes a lot and requires much commitment so I want to go through a checklist to see if your dancer is ready to join: 

  • Is your dancer open to trying new styles of dance like jazz, lyrical, contemporary, ballet, modern, acro, hip hop, musical theatre and so on to help them become unicorns of dance?  Like a chameleon in all styles?
  • Is your dancer ready for the lights, camera, and action of large crowds?
  • Is your dancer eager to learn from other teachers on convention circuits? 
  • Is your dancer motivated enough to practice, stretch, and work on their technique at home? 
  • Is your dancer ready to be a team player?  To help other dancers, show up to mandatory rehearsals, and put in extra work for the sake of a team? 
  • Does your dancer have the physical stamina, focus, and the attention span for long rehearsals with a lot of repetition? 
  • Is your dancer ready to trust the process, hear a lot of corrections about their technique and ready to apply those corrections to help further their confidence?
  • Is your dancer ready to be happy for the opportunity to dance, even when competition results don't go the way they'd like?
  • Is your dancer ready to still push and be motivated when they are given a lot of praise and awards for their hard work?
  • Is your dancer ready to go through a placement and/or audition process confidently where there is added pressure?  We do this so we know they are ready for the big competition stage. 
  • Are you and your dancer ready for more hours at the studio?  It will often become their home away from home. 
  • Are you and your dancer ready for more of a financial commitment?  Between extra costumes, competition fees, convention/workshop fees, and accessories and props, it begin to add up and if you aren't prepared for that, those given opportunities are often met with hostility instead of gratefulness. 

The attributes the performers gain from company are priceless! You'll find your dancer has more self-esteem, self-awareness, determination, perseverance, discipline, humbleness, and inspiration.  These kids often improve on study and time management skills.  It's an exciting program to be a part of but the dancers MUST be passionate about their classes and committed to their dance education.  

While, it may sound intimidating right now, I, the staff at Legacy, and the veteran competition parents, are here to help guide into this program so you can reap all the benefits.  

If you are interested in joining the Goldsboro All-Star Dance Team, you are invited to the interest meeting this Saturday at 4 at the studio and auditions that are this Sunday at 4.  You can rsvp here

If you are interested in joining the LDP Company, you are invited to interest meeting May 21st and placements May 22nd-24th.  You can rsvp here. 

If you are interested in joining the LDP Tap Company, you are invited to the Tap Placements in August.  You can rsvp here

Got questions? We got answers!  We can't wait to get started dancing with you!

Until next time,