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Welcome to Legacy Dance Project's website.  Here you can find info about the programs we offer at the dance studio, the dance classes we offer, and the ways we create a positive influence on this generations future dancers.  We are proud to be a part of the Downtown Goldsboro NC community.

Live, Love, Leave a Legacy - A Blog

As the owner of Legacy Dance Project, art in general has always been something I've loved!  I double majored in college in Dance Performance and English.  There will be typos and misspelled words.  But there will be a joy of dance, the adventures of owning a studio, and my journey trying to create a legacy full of life and love for my students.  We will share aspects of the dance studio, our dance classes, and the community events around Goldsboro NC.  Happy dancing everyone!

Dance Team Training... Much more than just poms!

megan hoyle

Hey there! Whew! It’s been a while, ok, actually its been a long time. I haven’t blogged in a long time and here’s why. We’ve been a little busy here at Legacy Dance Project. Let’s review shall we:

We have moved! We are now located at 2535 E Ash Street behind Taco Bell! :) We had an army of the LDP Tribe in the studio fixing, painting, and creating a beautiful dance home. We are loving the new space. We are continuously growing and that is such a wonderful blessing. We’ve added 4 more petite/tiny classes to our schedule and also many level I classes to accommodate our growing dance family.

We participated in many extra performances this year outside of the studio including the Fire Princess Pageant, Thriller, and the great Vet Stories performance this year.

We have added events to our repertoire and we’ve hosted holiday parties, goal setting workshops, birthday parties, and tea parties, with more still to come.

We’ve added new styles of dance to our schedule like modern and cheer dance. Both of which I personally feel very fondly about.

But I wanted to take a second to talk about cheer dance or other wise known as dance team training.

I was on the dance team in high school and my freshman year and I continued on the judge dance team tryouts and had students to go on to be on university dance teams. I absolutely looooove good dance team training and a good dance team routine. The crispness, the energy, and attitudes, the attack, the teamwork… it all inspires me a lot. I had so many students that went to tryout and make it onto dance teams that I thought that is just another way I can help facilitate my students to better chase their dreams. I want everyone to know that just because you graduate from high school doesn’t mean you have to stop dancing… and dance team is only one option of that opportunity.

The benefits of dance team training are exponential:

fitness, core strength, teamwork, dedication, building a tough skin, working hard to not disappoint your coach, your teammates, and your self, pride in your personal appearance, being positive on the field and on the court, stamina, rise in technical ability as a dancer, still experiencing the joy of dancing and performing, stepping in the position of a role model, being part of the community, and the list is pretty much endless!!!

We start them young with their dance team training. We begin with drills of motion and trying to gain speed and fluidity with those movements. We constantly and consistently work on technique… the basis of our training studio wide. But it is essential for dance team success later on. We work on picking up choreography quickly to prepare them for the fast paced world of dance team.

I can remember stepping out onto the field at Dowdy-Ficklen for the first time. I was still under big lights but they weren’t stage lights anymore. It was grand stadium lights. The audience wasn’t a couple hundred anymore, it was thousands. It was a monstrous feeling of accomplishment, of adrenaline, of excitement! Something I wish all my dancers one day get the chance to experience.


My old-school picture of the ECU Dance Team circa 2004. Yes, my proud mother highlighted where I was in case you couldn’t spot me.


This old gal dancing with the dance team alumni two years ago… and getting it!

Mrs. Megan is in the far right corner performing as an ECU Alumni Dance Team Member in 2016

Screenshot (14).png
Screenshot (15).png

Legacy Dance Project Alumni Kailey Howard and Taylor Whaley (captain) perform and dance at ECU!

Next year, we’ll be adding more levels to this class and can’t wait to see all the other amazing paths that these up and coming dancers will take!

Until next time,


All the glitz, glamour... and the great garments!

megan hoyle

Hello LDP Tribe...

Now that showcase is done its got me thinking back on all my years of dancing... there's always memories that outweigh others.  Sometimes those are memories of proud successes and sometimes of disappointing mistakes and sometimes... its all about the amazing fun you had when you felt like a superstar.  

My favorite costume I ever had was for my senior solo... now keep in mind this was in the height of 2000's fashion trends to I apologize in advance.  It was all black, with an asymmetrical hem and this weird squiggly line print. There were half sleeves that started at my biceps that had over exaggerated bell sleeves. As I probably wouldn't choose it now, man, did I think it was something! 

See, while costumes may not seem like a big deal to some it is a crucial part of the whole Legacy Dance Experience.  Our instructors spend a huge amount of time to think about 1) what would look best on the group as a whole 2) what color and cut best suits the concept of the dance and 3) what will the students LOVE.  

Many of our happy show-goers and parents expressed their thoughts on which costumes were their favorite... Here was some of the front runners...

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy

How Far I'll Go 

How Far I'll Go 

Love Potion #9

Love Potion #9

Do Re Mi

Do Re Mi



Why else do we save our petite dancer's first costume in shadow boxes or their first pair of shoes buried in a box somewhere in the back of the closet or tucked away in the attic?  Because in each dance prop, each costume that was super itchy because of all the sequins, because in each strategically placed rhinestone and in the little details of each costume, there is a story to be told and a memory to be cherished. 

Our costumes are just another level of how we propel confidence in our students.  When you look good, you perform good right?  The creativity the choreographers use when designing and picking out costumes and the confidence these dancers exude on stage in all their fanciness is absolutely amazing. 

Tell us about your favorite costume or costume story?  When did you feel like a superstar?  When did a costume not come in a time and you had to put together a last minute solution? What would be your dream costume? 

Until next time, 



How to know if your dancer is ready for a competitive dance experience

megan hoyle


At Legacy Dance Project, we have three different programs... 

The Petite Program for 3 and 4 year olds to introduce newbies to the world of dance.  Our Sweet Petite Program consists of Tiny Tumble, Petite Ballet, and Petite Tap.  It's a fast growing program... so much so that we've created two Petite Ballet classes and all our Petite classes are quickly filling up. 

The second program is our Core Program.  This a structured program that is available to dancers with not as much previous dance training or would like to keep their dance experience on a more conservative side, taking 1-5 classes weekly.  Our core program is a wonderful foundation for any dancer between ages 5 and 18, wanting to gain more confidence and provides an avenue for dancers to explore their love of dance and performing. 

Our third program is our Concentrated Company Program.  This is a more intensive program that is designed for dancers ready to take their love for dance and transform that into a passion of the performing arts. Every Company Program is different at varying studios, so we encourage you to investigate what is required for the competitive company at each studio, to figure out which is best for you.  Our company classes are open to dancers 7 and up.  Really, once they can retain choreography and perform it without assistance, is when they are STARTING to be ready for company.  At Legacy, we require our company members to take technique classes during the summer to maintain their dance progress they have acquired during the regular season.  During the regular season, dancers are required to attend two technique classes during the week and attend choreography weekends, usually the 2nd weekend of each month to learn the choreography they will compete and perform.  They are also required to participate in other events like master classes with guest artists that are brought into the studio and will be required to be a part of Vet's Stories this year, a tribute to the veterans.  Ballet is not required, but HIGHLY encouraged of our dancers, as we have noticed those with ballet training progress to upper levels of companies quicker than those that do not enroll in ballet.  Also, ballet is the foundation of all dance, so if dancer's are serious about their dance education, than they should be enrolled in a ballet class.  We have 3 competitive teams this year... LDP Company (where dancers learn a lyrical/contemporary and jazz routine, with the possibly of a 3rd summer routine), LDP Tap (where dancers learn a tap routine), and the Goldsboro All-Star Dance Team (where they will learn hip hop, jazz, and pom routines to compete and perform around Goldsboro and Wayne County).  Each have their own set of placements/auditions attached to them. 

While many dancers have goals to be on a competitive team, it takes a lot and requires much commitment so I want to go through a checklist to see if your dancer is ready to join: 

  • Is your dancer open to trying new styles of dance like jazz, lyrical, contemporary, ballet, modern, acro, hip hop, musical theatre and so on to help them become unicorns of dance?  Like a chameleon in all styles?
  • Is your dancer ready for the lights, camera, and action of large crowds?
  • Is your dancer eager to learn from other teachers on convention circuits? 
  • Is your dancer motivated enough to practice, stretch, and work on their technique at home? 
  • Is your dancer ready to be a team player?  To help other dancers, show up to mandatory rehearsals, and put in extra work for the sake of a team? 
  • Does your dancer have the physical stamina, focus, and the attention span for long rehearsals with a lot of repetition? 
  • Is your dancer ready to trust the process, hear a lot of corrections about their technique and ready to apply those corrections to help further their confidence?
  • Is your dancer ready to be happy for the opportunity to dance, even when competition results don't go the way they'd like?
  • Is your dancer ready to still push and be motivated when they are given a lot of praise and awards for their hard work?
  • Is your dancer ready to go through a placement and/or audition process confidently where there is added pressure?  We do this so we know they are ready for the big competition stage. 
  • Are you and your dancer ready for more hours at the studio?  It will often become their home away from home. 
  • Are you and your dancer ready for more of a financial commitment?  Between extra costumes, competition fees, convention/workshop fees, and accessories and props, it begin to add up and if you aren't prepared for that, those given opportunities are often met with hostility instead of gratefulness. 

The attributes the performers gain from company are priceless! You'll find your dancer has more self-esteem, self-awareness, determination, perseverance, discipline, humbleness, and inspiration.  These kids often improve on study and time management skills.  It's an exciting program to be a part of but the dancers MUST be passionate about their classes and committed to their dance education.  

While, it may sound intimidating right now, I, the staff at Legacy, and the veteran competition parents, are here to help guide into this program so you can reap all the benefits.  

If you are interested in joining the Goldsboro All-Star Dance Team, you are invited to the interest meeting this Saturday at 4 at the studio and auditions that are this Sunday at 4.  You can rsvp here

If you are interested in joining the LDP Company, you are invited to interest meeting May 21st and placements May 22nd-24th.  You can rsvp here. 

If you are interested in joining the LDP Tap Company, you are invited to the Tap Placements in August.  You can rsvp here

Got questions? We got answers!  We can't wait to get started dancing with you!

Until next time,




What is a dance team exactly?

megan hoyle

Hey y'all, 

So I've had about 51,679 questions about our new program, The Goldsboro All-Star Dance Team... which is totally normal. It's new, it's different, it's exciting, and there's some unknowns to it.  I'm here to help shed some light.  

So college dance teams are built on school spirit and are dedicated to supporting the university and athletics.  Where this is going to change for this all-star team in particular is that this team will be built on regional spirit, meaning Wayne County and Goldsboro pride.  We, of course, will support Goldsboro by performing at events and giving back to the community.  The dancers will serve as ambassadors for their team throughout the community and dedicate themselves to the celebration of dance for all to enjoy.

The emphasis is teamwork and dancing in unison when performing.  It's heavily based on technique, which is why we will require you to attend dance class at a studio outside of the all star team.  I'm going to share with you some of my favorite dance team videos in different genres...

First up... lyrical/contemporary... 

Secondly, this classic LSU hip hop routine... 

Third, and possibly my favorite, this mesmerizing jazz routine...

And lastly, this precise pom routine from the University of Minnesota... 

The Goldsboro All-Star dance team will learn routines in all 4 genres but we will be a bit picky when deciding what to compete, utilizing and highlighting the groups strengths as a group.  Remember, the interest meeting will be April 28th at 4pm and the audition day is April 29th at starting at 4pm.  It's open to all dancers in Goldsboro/Wayne County and surrounding areas ages 8 and up. I hope that answered some of your questions and if it didn't feel free to comment them below.  

Until next time,


The Story of the Studio

megan hoyle

Hello there! Don't mind me... I'm just here with my right knee propped up on pillows, wrapped in a neon pink (uh, duh) sports bandage, icing my swollen joint.  No kidding, its the size of a softball.  Not attractive and it doesn't feel like rainbows either.  I don't do well when doctors say words like "rest" and "take it easy" and "stay off it".  Uh... okay.  But while I am just sitting here and can't dance, I figured I do something else I love... to write. 

I love my studio and I constantly have to work hard at it every single day.  Owning your own business is a monster yall... but it's a monster, I'll happily take on.  My #ldptribe pretty much knows about my story but I just wanted to let the readers of our blog know a little about it too.

I've danced my whole life and have taught about half my life now. Whew!  I love teaching the littles, the bigs, the in-betweens and sharing my knowledge and passion of dance with all.  I always knew I loved to dance.  I performed with my studio as a competition kid growing up and danced on my high school and college dance teams.  I graduated with a Dance Performance Degree from East Carolina University and have danced and performed in New York City, New Jersey, and across the nation.

I've been that struggling dancer in the back not getting a step and getting frustrated.  I have been the underdog having to fight my way to the front line.  I have been the dancer that took private lessons just to further my ballet education.  I was the one who loved hip hop and tap and suffered through my technique classes.  I have been so proud when I made the audition or tryout!  And I have also been so disappointed when I didn't get the gig or wasn't on the list.  I've been told "You're not flexible enough", "You were our first pick", "You need more ballet", "You've been accepted", "You're just not tall enough", and probably anything else from the good, to the bad, to the ugly.  And let me tell you, I feel it tenfold for my students.  I KNOW how hard they work and how bad they want to be successful because I've been there.  And now more than ever with my own little girly, twirly, twinkling tutu wearing toddler, I see dance in a whole new perspective.  It's fun, engaging, and empowering.  My hope for my daughter, like it is for all my students, is that dance brings her some joy, some confidence, and some salvation from a very cruel world that's hard to understand and to explain.

Before I started my own studio, I witnessed a wide array of situations in the industry:  Instructors playing favorites, studio owners lacking knowledge in this field, teachers giving exceptions to rules and regulations for particular students, and even teachers just not teaching or copying other choreographers' work.  It seemed weird to witness parents paying for dance  education (which we all know dance isn't a cheap after school activity) and seeing the end result.  It also seemed strange to see children and kids who loved to dance but were shoved to the back to be scenery just because they were on a different level, in terms of technique, than other dancers in their age/grade.  But was that fair?  I didn't think so.  So these little thought buds were planted in my brain and later they developed into policies at my own studio. Like how at Legacy we place children in levels, not necessarily classes corresponding with their age and grade... like how we stay motivated as educators with a syllabus, meetings, and still continuing our own education... like how we strive to keep class size small so every child gets to feel valued, appreciated, and progressing. 

Our students have gone on to do many wonderful things... I've had core dancers take the leap into the concentrated company program... I have former students that are now on university dance teams, dancing in collegiate programs and students that earn amazing awards like dance scholarships.  I even have some dancers that have aspirations to be teachers themselves.  MOST IMPORTANTLY, I hope my dancers gain a sense of appreciation for the art, understand everything worth having requires extremely hard work and intense focus, and go on to use the life lessons learned in dance to help them achieve whatever it is that they want.

It was a scary thing to have faith and believe I had something to offer to kids in Goldsboro.  I mean, let's face it...  I don't have family here... its just me and my husband and my little ballerina. I didn't get a business and/or studio handed down to me.  Nothing was already built up for me and there was nothing to build upon, as far as a reputation.  This is and still will be my ultimate underdog moment.  So I posed myself this question... When will I feel successful?  And honestly, I already do.  My terms of success may not be the same as other studio owners and that's okay.  I don't (won't) have 20+ students in a class, I don't (won't) put on 4 shows a year, and I don't (won't) focus on our trophies and medals.  If my students feel a boost in self-esteem, have enough confidence to go for their dance dreams, and becoming decent human beings that have a good work ethic behind them... then by all means, I'm successful... and so are they.

So that's my story in a nutshell.  I hope you can see my passion for dance runs deep and all I want is to share it with every dancer that walks through the doors.  I want to give inspired teachers a dance home where they too can keep expanding their desire for dance.  I want my students to feel proud at the fact that they worked hard no matter the end result because at least they'll be able to say "I came and I tried my very best". 

I hope your dancer will at some point get to experience the Legacy difference.  Summer at studio is great way to see what were all about it.  More summer info will be released very soon and we can't wait.  To make sure you are in the know with Legacy updates contact us here or like our Facebook page here.  We CAN'T WAIT to get started dancing with you.


Until next time...

Megan Hoyle