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Welcome to Legacy Dance Project's website.  Here you can find info about the programs we offer at the dance studio, the dance classes we offer, and the ways we create a positive influence on this generations future dancers.  We are proud to be a part of the Downtown Goldsboro NC community.


Here is just an example of some of our instruction... we believe in explaining terminology, showing and demonstrating skills, letting them discover their own pace, and letting them experiment with their dance education to expand their ever evolving technique. 

What's the difference in core classes and company classes?

We want everyone to know that the caliber of instruction doesn't change with the title of the dance program.  We focus on technique in all dance classes as that is the way to progress, improve, and grow your child's love for dance.  The difference is if your dancer is ready for the more competitive, intense, concentrated form of training.  Within the concentrated company program, the amount of hours spent at the studio is greater, the amount of financial investment is larger, and the commitment to the team is higher.  To become a part of company, your dancer must attend the placement workshop or be individually evaluated and pay the company fees ($65/year).  The yearly performance and competition requirements are discussed and agreed upon in a parent meeting in the beginning of the season.  Core students still get to experience awesome choreography, a dance education based on technique, in-studio events and functions.  We see the value in recreational and concentrated dance training and value each student that participants in either or both.

We want to try it! where do we start?

Awesome!  It's always a good idea to sign up for an intro class to get a feel for the studio, the way a class is ran, and meet some of the LDP family.  Then contact us and let us know a couple details... like what is your child's dance experience?  None?  Some?  A ton?  Having the conversation about your child's previous dance experience and what they are interested in helps us be confident that we are assisting your child to achieve their goals.  We place dancers in their appropriate level based on their technique and ability.  We understand all dancers progress at different rates in different areas of their life and education and dance is no different.  We use age and grades as a starting point but adjust the level to meet your child's needs if we see they will be more successful elsewhere.

What's the dress code (and why does it matter?)

We will be happy to give you the list of the specific attire and shoes each class and level requires when you visit the studio.  But as a rule of thumb, your child can where anything they can exercise in and lets them move freely.  Jeans are very restrictive they do not allow for your child to dance their best in class.  T-shirts are also not the best choice... they cover up body lines and the looseness of them doesn't help teachers access the student on how to improve their technique.  So why does Legacy Dance Project, and most other dance studios require a dress code?  The very first "lesson" you learn via dance probably isn't even a dance step.  It's discipline.  To be responsible to look presentable and ready to learn and move is a challenge for students (and busy moms) but it's essential to dance class.  Having hair up and away from the face, to be in correct dance attire, and having the proper shoes is a sign of respect and readiness to learn.  All the things you should pride yourself on as being a dancer.  Ballet classes require ballet shoes.   Pointe class requires pointe shoes.  Jazz and lyrical/contemporary classes require jazz shoes, half-soles, or bare feet. Hip hop requires flat bottomed clean tennis shoes.  Tap requires tap shoes.

How long are the classes?

Petite, Level I, and Level II classes are typically 45 minutes.  Level III, Level IV, and Concentrated Company classes are typically 1 hour.

We have an annual showcase that usually falls on the 2nd weekend in May.  Please follow us on Facebook and check out our calendar for specific dates, times, and locations.  There is no charge to watch our showcase but we do have tickets.  LDP students have priority tickets.  That just means they get access to the auditorium 1 hour before the show.  The public has general admission tickets which means they have access to the auditorium 30 minutes before the show.  We encourage everyone to come and share in our celebration! 

We want to watch the showcase.  How can we do that?

Do we teach boys?

Of course!

Our Petite Program classes start at ages 3 and 4.  More info can be found here on that program.  Currently we don't offer adult classes.  But we are always more than willing to add classes to our schedule if need be.  Please contact us here and let us know what you desire that you don't see on the schedule.

How old does my child have to be to start?  Do you offer adult classes?

The first class usually starts the end of August/beginning of September and goes all the way through till our showcase in May.  We close enrollments to the Core Program October 31st.  We do this because each dance lesson throughout the year is a progressive; it continues their dance education and choreography is added to the dance routines each week.  To successfully move forward each week, we must insist that attendance be very consistent.  The Summer Sessions have various start times.  Please refer to our calendar to see when those dates will be.

When does the dance season start and finish?

Conveniently, our premises allows for the parents to watch from the lobby.  We have an "open-door" policy at Legacy.  This means at any given time you are able to hear, see, and witness what goes on in your child's dance class.  We often invite parents also up at the end of classes to show them all the hard work we've been doing.  We would like though to keep the dance studio room and parent free zone as we have learned it is best because the children concentrate and focus better then parents are relaxing in our spacious lobby.  

Are parents allowed to watch class?

Please feel free to contact here, email us at, or send us a message on our Facebook page.  We will be happy to assist you.  Thanks so much for your time!

I have a question that isn't addressed here. 

What Are the LDP Facebook pages? 



When you decide to join the LDP tribe, you will promptly be added to the LDP Discussion Page, an online community.  The group exists to help guide parents and students through their dance experience at Legacy.   If you are Concentrated Company Member, you'll also be added to the LDP Company Page.  Dancers that have their own social media accounts are invited to join LDP Dancers, which parents permission.  (It's mainly quotes, technique tips, and updates.)  All these pages are also there to support everyone.  Parents can ask questions, share ideas, and even pass along their beloved hand-me-downs to the next generation of dance loving LDPer's.  I love that is is a place of encouragement and community.

My experience with Legacy Dance Project has been awesome. My daughter has learned so much in just a short amount of time dancing with Mrs. Megan. Mrs Megan stresses technique to all ages and classes. LDP participates and dances at community events like Thriller, Lights Up, Center Street James, and more. I would recommend Legacy Dance Project for all you want to learn to dance”
— Christine W.
LDP... Where every dance experience is like a party! 

LDP... Where every dance experience is like a party!