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Welcome to Legacy Dance Project's website.  Here you can find info about the programs we offer at the dance studio, the dance classes we offer, and the ways we create a positive influence on this generations future dancers.  We are proud to be a part of the Downtown Goldsboro NC community.

Concentrated Company Program

Concentrated classes are offered in Tap, Jazz, Hip hop, and Lyrical/Contemporary. This program is designed for the intermediate and/or advanced dancer.  Through concentrated training, dancers have the potential opportunities to compete, perform, and learn beyond the usual studio setting.  These experiences teach concentrated dancers commitment, leadership, courage, persistence, a sense of ambition when faced with obstacles, and humbleness in honor of achievements.


Here's how it works...

>Concentrated company dancers members are chosen or invited into the program through an audition and/or placement process.  This is a specific week in May after the Annual Showcase. There is a $65 placement fee to attend placements.  

>We specifically place your concentrated dancer in the interactive level within the program in which they will be challenged, reach for goals, and have the best opportunity to feel confidant. 

>Concentrated company dancers are required to practice and continue working on their technique throughout the dance year, therefore summer and yearlong technique classes are mandatory.

>During the dance year, dancers are required to take two concentrated technique classes per week (jazz technique and lyrical/contemporary technique).  These weekly technique classes focus and engage on leaps, turns, flexibility, and stage presence. 

>Summer Choreography is not mandatory, but recommended.  We use Summer Choreography to create bold, fun routines to perform at festivals and other performing opportunities in the fall to have a routine ready to debut. 

>Choreography weekends during the dance year (the 2nd weekend of every month) is required for concentrated company members.  We have a separate choreography slot so we can keep the focus on technique during the week. 

>They will learn a minimum of two dances (one jazz and one lyrical/contemporary, each requiring an $80 costume fee).  They will compete both routines at least twice during the two competitions we attend throughout the year. 

>We bring in one guest artist/master teacher during the year that is mandatory for concentrated company dancers to attend to further extend their dance education.

>We also attend 1-2 dance conventions during the year as well.  This too is to help expand the dance education of the focused dancer. These conventions are not mandatory for the company members but are highly recommeneded. 

>Concentrated tap and hip hop dancers are chosen or invited into the program through audition and/or placement.  They will have technique and choreography in the same weekly class.

My daughter loves Legacy! Mrs. Megan goes above and beyond for her students. My daughter is not only learning the art of dance but she’s having an amazing time doing it! We highly recommended LDP!!!
— Meesha R.

If you are interested in when our next placements are for our concentrated company or if you are just interested in more info please contact us here.  We will be happy to help and assist in any way we can!